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Stewart Manning

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Digital Transformation

Social Influence

Market Leadership

Stewart Manning works with both private and public organisations with a desire to create sustainable and secure digital businesses, transform culture to be outcome based and highly motivated and of course to lead the market.


Our league of extraordinary humans is a consortium that works to support Boards and C suite in enterprise, and the public sector, through this unprecedented phase  of digital transformation driven by unique events in our lifetime. Today, when making decisions, Boards are faced with understanding the impact of climate change, pandemics, economic uncertainty and sometimes even economic irrationality, diversity empathy, and significantly changed customer buying behaviour.


Stewart Manning is different – we are a collaborative group of senior leaders who understand todays challenges, and are unafraid to stand, speak frankly and be accountable for helping design a more optimistic future – whilst being fully aware of the challenges. We are diverse, and believe sustainability through digital transformation, and focussing on true intellectual property, are key elements to building a stable business with value and integrity.


“None of us know all the answers, but collectively we can solve almost anything.”


Embrace the challenges and create opportunity – Contact us today for a confidential discussion


Privacy and Discretion Guaranteed

Due to the often sensitive nature of our assignments, we have made a conscious decision to protect the privacy of our clients, their projects, and how we have assisted them. 

The value we bring will be unique to every client, and we base the mutual decision to work together on shared values, and a true desire to transform their organisation into a sustainable entity, including transparency and collaboration with stakeholders, and not hampered by politics.


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