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Asia Pacific Advisory


Cyber Security Vendors


Service Providers & Investors

Stewart Manning has access to senior consultants who are very comfortable in the establishment, and turnaround, of Asia Pacific operations with considerable experience in the CyberSecurity, Digital Transformation and IT sectors.

This is particularly interesting for international vendors wishing to enter Asia Pacific for the first time and need strategic and operational advice, or those requiring an operational leadership team with experience in establishing the operation.

It requires specific skills to establish a sustainable business with the APAC region, due to the diverse cultural and fiscal requirements associated with such a broad region. This is a region where long term relationships make a significant difference.

There are many ways to approach this start, depending on strategic purpose, outcomes required, timeframes and budget available.

Our consultants can advise you on the best business model to achieve your objectives and assist you in navigating this complex establishment process.

We can further assist with introductions to very reputable regional partners, if required.
If you have established a presence, but are struggling to achieve the outcomes you expect, then we are also able to review and advise on what maybe the reasons behind a lower success rate. Support you in planning a turnaround strategy and its successful operational execution.

Many organisations just keep hiring “sales pods” and churning those every year or two, not realising that this, in itself, exacerbates the failure rate for success in Asia Pacific.

If you are a board member, an investor, or a service provider, wanting support to establish a solid Asia Pacific business – or review an ailing one - then Stewart Manning will provide the support, and advice, you need to make a sound commercial decision of go/no go.


We can go one step further and help you audit a potential acquisition or merger, or remediate an ailing subsidiary.

Contact us for a confidential discussion today!

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