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About Us

Stewart Manning was established in January 2020, as a collaborative group of independent consultants, advisors and Non-Executive Directors, to support and assist enterprises  and government agencies with forward thinking strategy, and leadership support, to ensure sustainability into what is guaranteed to be a very dynamic future.


Stewart Manning Collaboration is made up of a league of extraordinary, independent men and women with decades of experience in cyber security, digital transformation, digital marketing, telecommunications, innovation, project leadership and revenue generation.

A team with exceptional ability to identify the broken links in revenue optimisation and expose the less understood risks in digital transformation and cybersecurity due diligence. 


Stewart Manning consultants and non-executive directors are progressive, futurist style thinkers and strategists. You will be guided and supported in making decisions today based on sustainability, and future vision, with our consultants on your side.

Our people are unique, pragmatic, unafraid, charismatic, good with conflict resolution and are positive influencers to help you get your team aligned. 

Leaders who can inspire confidence and help you, on your transformational journey, into the 21st Century market mayhem.


In short, we are dedicated to enabling the secure digital transformation of businesses, agencies and workplaces to create sustainable futures leading at the forefront of their industries and regions. We are advisors, mentors, and visionaries who will assist you in securely transforming your vision or mission, guide your leadership to fulfil that vision, and with our exceptional network of partnerships, even find you inspirational human talent to help you lead the transformation and inspire your teams.


Stewart Manning is led by Principal Consultant and Non Executive Director Terrie Anderson, who has over 30 years senior leadership and board experience gained both in Australia and internationally, with a specialist lens on EMEA and Asia Pacific.

We are like no other - we are uniquely different - we believe holistic, reinforced solutions are required for every organisation wanting to grow and thrive. Exploring their potential, through digital and workplace transformation, as well as optimisation of sustainable revenue streams and embracing a modern workplace filled with leaders who are flexible and current in thinking and style.

Contact Terrie for a confidential discussion on your desired outcomes!


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