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Stewart Manning  via our global partnerships, can recommend and introduce trusted Advisory Board Members, Next Gen Non Executive Directors, KeyNote Speakers who Challenge, and other Board Advisory Services including Leadership Coaching.


We work with both private and public organisations with a desire to create a sustainable operation, transformative culture and lead the market.


Boards in 2020 are largely unchanged, and unchallenged, barely distinctive from Boards in 2010, or 1999. These were times when like tended to attract and recruit like. This has led to generations of Boards not being progressive, engaged and informed in the digital era, and not truly challenging the Executive Directors about the future and sustainability of the business beyond a pandemic shock. 

We are a new world - a world where new generations of customers do not recall a time without a mobile device - when you weren’t connected, always on, anywhere, any time.  A world where technology decisions are shortlisted by social and online research rather than Requests for Information and lengthy procurement processes, often taking months - even years - as opposed to 2021 when investments will need to be made at a pace top match the digital era.  A world where much of what we took for granted as a lifestyle, in January 2020, will never be the same again. Our market has not changed this much, this quickly, this dramatically in living memory - and barely in


history - change has always been gradual, albeit accelerating, in the past.

                                                      'Six essential questions chair and stakeholders should be asking in 2021'


Stewart Manning league of extraordinary people are progressive, futurist style thinkers and strategists. Yet, we have a lot of traditional success and experience to draw upon. To prevent the mistakes, and understand the successes of the past, is important when envisioning a sustainable future.

We are current. We are diverse in age, gender, life and professional experience, cultural backgrounds, interests and passions. We all think big, see the big picture, envision the future, and embrace the changes that are beyond our control. We do not operate from a place of fear, but a place of sustainable vision and pragmatism. We speak the truth, from facts not emotions, and for the greater good of the organisation not personal gain. We are passionate and love what we do!

                                                     'New generation board diversity is essential to success beyond 2021'


If these traits scare you, then none of us are likely to be a suitable choice to advise, or join,  your Board - but if this excites you - then talk to us, we may have a colleague who is the game changer you are looking for. 

If you need someone to inspire transformation in your business - you are definitely in the right place.

Please contact us today for a confidential discussion!

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