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Revenue Optimisation

Stewart Manning Revenue Optimisation Programme Overview

Our programme for revenue optimisation (UPC) does three key things:


Understand - We work with Boards, Investors, Executive Leadership Teams to understand what is truly your transferable unique IP into the new world, then work with you to plan the best way to deliver that unique IP to your customers, where to grow and how to deploy the strategy that will optimise your revenue streams. 


You may be surprised to know that your unique IP may not be what you think it is. 


                                                                         “If anyone else has it - or does it - then it’s not unique.”


Too often we think that our unique value is something tangible, but actually that rarely is a differentiator - rarely worth as much as we think it is.

The Differentiator, and value of your business, usually in the how you do it, what you do with it, how you deliver it and your customers perception- that represents your unique value to shareholders or customers. 

No matter what you do - whether in public or private sector - the perceived value you give the shareholders/stakeholders and your customer is your truly unique IP and value.


Once we understand what needs to happen to ensure your revenue goals are met, then we draft a high level, short summary of strategic directions for agreement of stakeholders.

This is  “What we jointly agree to deliver statement” and covers the areas of the business we agree as problematic, with potential solutions. It identifies the areas of the business that can be adapted, or those that can act as cash cows through transition, and those that need to be cut.

This may also be available  as a single, quarterly, or annual Board Report and not the full program.


Plan - We now support your development of a new business plan with tactical, deployable and measurable goals that will deliver the agreed outcomes. No fluffy statements that teams cant follow. No 50 slide power point presentations!

We are different - we dont write it for you - we guide your key human talent to develop this plan for you, based upon the agreed top level strategic parameters. 

Your teams will be guided to come up with how to deliver the transformative vision agreed upon.


Coach - This is where we really deliver unique value, we stay with you through the journey, coaching your leadership teams not only in the new strategy and goals but supporting them through the part that most enterprises struggle with  “How To Change without Disrupting Revenue” We are there every step of the way, until we reach a point where you and your leadership team are completely comfortable that you are on track to deliver outstanding performance.


Now, our final unique differentiator - 

We are focussed on optimising your top line and we don’t come in like most consultancies - with a huge upfront fee, a glossy report filled with pretty graphs and quotes of greatness - leave it for you to be initially excited, then as the reality of day to day hits, find that its gathering dust in the office of the CEO.


We expect a commitment agreement for the program - we remain flexible throughout the engagement to dynamic changes in market forces, we  are not a point solution so uniquely we work on a subscription* and outcome basis.

*Exception when  ‘Understand’ is required as a revenue optimisation report only for the Board.

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