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Imagine - A better future for the Blue Planet

Imagine - If all the trillions of dollars that have been spent or committed to pharmaceutical giants, spent or planned to be spent on media propaganda campaigns, for a solution that is clearly not a solution - not even a short term one - had instead been spent on rapidly improving health care facilities for all. More staff, more beds, more equipment. This level of money spent on health care would have been unprecedented leap forward for humanity. That we used this pandemic to build supportive health care facilities globally.

Apparently there was never enough funds for health - yet trillions are found within months - because our leaders panicked in fear - on an experiment that has clearly failed us all.

Generations that will carry the burdensome consequences of this unplanned massive debt - at least it could left those generations with a fantastic health care system that could cater for future pandemics and all other emergencies as well. Now they just have massive debt - a worsening pandemic - and nothing to assist for the future. Just like war dollars.

Imagine - if all this money went to build a better future - rather than into the pockets of a small number of giants who take no responsibility for any consequences

Imagine - if this pandemic crisis could have united humanity, instead of tearing us into segregated groups, and instead moved us closer to world peace.

Imagine - if we focussed on spending this kind of money on sustainable solutions for community food (not handouts), clean water access, education and health services for all - instead of chemical programs to “manage’ specific things, and exploitation of natural resources - often by intimidation, treachery and slavery - and always lining the pockets of the giants. Most of the recent major wars were not about terrorism, they were about exploitation of natural resources by wealthy nations. What a horrendous waste for everyone on this planet.

Imagine - we had leaders who considered our planet first, and industry sponsorship last, and made decisions based on sustainability (not just jobs for a few). On basis of healing the big issues like climate impact, poverty that affects billions of humans (over 3 billion living on less than $1.25 per day) - and on valuing and protecting cultural heritage of First Nations and All Nations - not just buildings of the past few hundred years. Hey - just on being transparent and truthful - if we worked together for the planet there would be less need for national security secrets!

Imagine - all religions being open to understand and accept other religions as a freedom of personal belief - and not a control mechanism to one belief. That those who seek power and control would become instead transparent and share knowledge.

Imagine - if most people, and all leaders would understand that restoration of our ecosystem, and cleaning the detritus of human waste was an urgent critical survival issue - not just a “bunch of greenies” If the media and people of influence would help educate the people - This is essential to the survival of all species including you and me and our children. Realise that humans are not, and never will be, smarter than the natural vibration of our Universe whose energy is reflected in the teeniest molecule. It’s simple - if we were even a bit smart then we would not have, nor continue to, shit in our own nest like we have!

Imagine - if we had elected people who had vision and rationale and held humanity first - instead of panic, secrecy and tyranny - focus on personal gratification instead of a better outcome for all.

I can only have hope that my tiny efforts to influence will reach a few people – who in turn will reach a few people – and by the acknowledged 6 degrees of separation will have a ripple effect for a better blue planet.

I hope we all consider what is happening and learn lessons about abrogating decisions and responsibility on the future of humanity, and our own family, to people who show poor and selfish leadership focussed on personal power and enrichment.

I hope we stop bowing to and deifying people who have financial wealth - instead let’s celebrate the many people who contribute to peace, to sustainability, to betterment of all without concern for personal gain. To hold dear those who DO NO HARM.

I hope we can support and elevate sustainable community decisions and solutions, instead of national and global programs run by privileged and entitled people who can never understand the real issues experienced at community level.

I believe most big problems can be better solved at the community level with support - climate, trashing of the planet, health, restoration of ecosystem, power grid, sustainable food and clean water.

I hope our leaders learn to offer HOPE not fear, inclusiveness not segregation, as without these things we will never be at peace.

We need change urgently or it will be too late - there is no escape and no plan B for Earth and its inhabitants.

Call to Action - Do No Harm, Use your vote wisely, try to not pollute, help clean up and support sustainability and the eco-system. Hold a handout to others without expectation of personal gain. Celebrate people who make a difference without personal gain. Diminish those leaders who act with only personal gain in mind, regardless of political party. Work tirelessly to bring in community solutions - this means accepting responsibility and not expecting poorly qualified leaders, with personal gain as a priority, to solve it for us.

Blame will not save us.

If you care about the planet and can bring new leadership - please stand for election on a platform of transparency, community consultation and engagement, integrity and never for personal gain.

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